I presume, this is where a narrator talks about the evolution of my ancestors; how I have fallen into the sea of photography, together with a list of whales and dolphins in the industry I have swum with. And how I become a coffee-addict along the way.

As much as I wish I could, I do not have the honor of showcasing an impressive list of big clients I have worked with nor awards I have achieved throughout my photography journey yet. So, I'll just stick to a simple introduction.

Hi! My name is Harry Zaw Ye Naing ("Harry" if you want to skip the tongue-twister), a Myanmar born photographer currently in Sydney, Australia.

I was a serious landscape (HDR) and night-sky shooter until I found out my heart beats faster when creating something challenging together with like-minded people; getting to appreciate our visions come to life is priceless. 

I am now focusing on expanding my portfolio in Conceptual composites and Fashion/Editorials. As I am new in town, I am looking forward to collaborating with Models, Performance artists, Hair/Make-up, Wardrobe stylists in Sydney region. 

Reach to me via social networks, email or use the form in Contact page.