Making of "Tame"

It all started with an inspiration from this amazing artist Yee Mon Oo. It's better to check out her works rather than reading me describing how fascinating they are. I had this honor of knowing her personally. As she inspired me again and again by her works, I reached out to her for a collaboration. We sat down for a coffee and brainstormed a few different ideas. It was a great experience talking to an artist when the word "impossible" was not on our table. 


After some time, I fixed out this idea of a giraffe and started populating variations. Imagined a few different styles and doodled them down. Wanted to go for a softer theme with a white goddess look. Also wanted to have a huge tree at the back.

This has led me to make my trip to zoo for a giraffe. :D


LUCKILY, I got this baby giraffe rubbing it's chin against the fence. Couldn't tell enough how excited I was at that time. :D Took a few different variations from different angles.

After all these excitements, my final exams rolled in and after the exams I had to move to Brisbane for Summer Internship. This idea didn't stop growing in me. So, I browsed around for the locations to fit my theme. I stumbled upon this amazing, old, super huge fig tree at Old Petrie Town. 


All and all, I get to work with these amazing people Gemma as the model and Cole as the make-up artist. They both are all-round professionals and very easy to work with. Sarah contacted me and joined us the shoot. She helped us capture our great moments. (Thanks a lot Sarah! :D) My great friend Nyan helped me throughout the shoot; from scouting location to getting awkward stares at the lady dress stores when we did the shopping.

After several crushing of photoshop and cupsss of coffee, got to experience the photo come to life. Thank you so much to everyone for making this happen. Couldn't have done this without you guys!


Aqua Bella

As most of my childhood was spent in the sea, sailing, water is not a strange element for me. Whenever I see those awesome underwater photos, they made me want to try. However, the idea of sinking my camera into water scares the heck out of me. So, I tested out with a GoPro Hero 3. Turned out, the results made me wanna sink my camera on next shoot (which did happen). This shoot was done in a swimming pool with some props we could bring in. 

Credits go to the awesome props and set co-ordinator: Judi Kayp

and talented Model: Khine Thu

As this was a test shoot, I got a few take-home lessons from this.

-Yes, need quality camera and quality equipment to do the quality work. (not saying GoPro 3 is not good, it was super!)

-Yes, need more hands on set to organize an actual photo shoot.

-Yes, the water taste too much chlorine (hopefully only chlorine). Need to test the water first so the model could open eyes longer.

- Talk more with the model, shoot, take a break, talk more, shoot, take a break...

Oh.. and watch more YouTube. :D